Bye Bye Buddy

When I started at this new firm I was assigned a buddy.

My buddy was meant to help me with questions I had about the company or my job.  But my buddy was more than that. He was about my age and he had also moved to LA about a year before. So the company picked him as my buddy because he had been in a similar situation.

We hung out at most of the company happy hours and events. We also hung out once outside of work.

Last week my buddy told me that he was leaving the company to move back to his home city and starting another career.

But it must be a bit more than that. Since I meet him, he found a girlfriend, and now they’re engaged.

It feels like he’s moving on to the next stage of life. He’s getting married. Probably having kids soon after. He’s in a more stable job. He’ll probably buy a house after he gets married. He’s starting that stage now.

We’re supposed to hang out one last time next week (it will probably be the last, right?). I’m afraid to ask him if he’s moving into that part of life. Because, while I’m happy for him, where does that leave me?


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