Spare Brain

I’m trying to write more consistently, but there’s nothing I really want to say. I don’t have any thought out questions or half assed ideas. Just spare thoughts.

One of my car tires is low on air and I’m afraid when I wake up in the morning it’ll be lower because it’s going to be about 10 degrees colder than last night.

I got a DVR today. I’m excited to use it on Sunday morning to record the Manchester United game that is at 4am. But I’m afraid I’ll fuck up accessing the game and I’ll see the score before I watch the game.

I over promised at work this week and I’ll need to work some hours on Sunday. Dang me for wanting to make a good impression.

I have one pair of nice jeans. I have another pair of house work jeans that have paint and such on them. I wore holes into my other pants. The holes are around my crotch, so I can really fix those. I should buy more pants.

The AC is broken at the house. I should have fixed it this week, since I worked from home for the majority of the week.

I’m excited to be on the construction client next week. Hopefully I can do well and get a good evaluation. That should translate to me not stressing as much and maybe more money.

I like the month of October. There’s usually enough stuff going on during the month to keep me interested. I like the changing weather too. Oh and that all the sports are going on at the same time. Holidays are close, but not too close. I like that too. Man I like October.


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