Bye Buddy

I met with my buddy one last time before he left to Seattle.

He told me all about his crazy last two weeks. He told me how an old friend had called him up and asked him if he wanted this job back up in Seattle. He met with his friend, thought about it for a day or two, and then said yes.

His girlfriend’s VISA had expired and she went back to Spain. Around the time he got the job offer, he took some time off and went back to Spain to see her. He proposed to her there. They’re getting married soon so she can come back to the US with him.

It all happened so quickly. Now he quit his job and is moving back to Seattle.

Haha, it had absolutely nothing to do with me.

Two things on this.

First, his departure hit me a bit hard because he was a good guy. We got along great and I regret not hanging out with him more. We could have been real good friends. It feels like a huge missed opportunity. I need to make sure that doesn’t happen with other people.

Second, the topic of his buddy came up and it was a manager that I know. She’s pretty cool. He encouraged me to see if she could be my informal buddy. And, that’s what I did the next day. She’s a friendly person, so she seemed to like the idea, but it’s had to tell over the instant messenger.

I hope he’s doing well, and on the plus side, it looks like I have a friend in Seattle now.


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