Senior Week

I spent last week being in charge.

There was checking in with the client. Checking in with the staff. Checking in with the boss.

It was kinda nice. That is supposed to be my job. The last couple of weeks, and probably months, I have been doing small stuff here and there, but never a complete job.

I think I missed it and I’ll take that as a sign that I should still be doing this job. It was a pretty fun week. I had two staff to work with and it made for good conversation. One was super new. He had started a week or two ago. The other had been with the company for a year.

I remember seeing him last year on the same job when he was super new. He had grown a lot in a year. I liked when the new staff asked him question and the experienced staff answered him with the answer and with the why. He was right like 90% percent of the time, which was pretty good. I liked that.

Being in charge for a week on this job, one of my first jobs from last year, made me feel better about myself. It finally allowed me to see some improvement.
I’m excited to go back in November to complete this client. I’ll get to be a senior for almost a month. It’ll be great, I hope


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