Dating Apps

I sent a good part of an afternoon reading about dating apps.

It was mainly an article which looked into if dating apps were ruining relationships. Not existing ones, but the start and maintaining of them. It was a weird read for me for a couple of reasons. First, I don’t use any dating apps. I not even sure which way is the right way to swipe. Second, I don’t have the same motivations of people who use those apps. But they do strike me as interesting.

After I finished reading the article, I wanted to run a pseudo experiment. The only problems were that it would require a lot of time, and probably money, and I was having an icky moral feeling about it.

The time and money issues are kind of slept explanatory. I would either need to make various online profiles to test certain attributes, which I’m imagining would require a ton of time, and then at some point I would probably have to talk/meet these girls, which would require time/money. I’m it sure which one I would miss more.

Then on top of that, I would most probably feel bad about meeting these girls because I would have to lie to them to keep whatever experiment legit. Not even in the, I’m pretending to be this person, type of way, but in the I really don’t want anything you want kind of way.

You want to do this online dating stuff. I don’t. I’m doing this for weird fun.

It does seem silly not to use online dating though. Well, scratch that. If you were trying to find someone, it would be silly not to use online dating.

Oh, there was one way to get over the icky part of online dating.

There is this one dating app called Bumble. It is one where ladies are the ones who initiate the interactions. They get to make the first move and keep things going. That’s something that would take the ickyness away. But there was one small problem with it. They wanted a Facebook account in order to create an account. I don’t have one of those.

So there you go. I ended up where I started. Alone. The way I like it.


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