Good Food

Good food is wasted on me.

I don’t have the best sene of taste. At some point it all taste the same. Most foods tastes the same.

There’s a difference between Taco Bell and authentic tacos. Or different beers. Or cake a pie. But I have real trouble differentiating between >$20 steaks. Or super expensive wines/beers.

I see it as more of a blessing. I’m happy with almost any food.

Although, something did irk me the other day.

We went to a place called Eatzis for lunch. It’s like a Eurooean deli/market. It’s got a build your own salad and sandwich and a bunch of fancy foods.

I’m not really mad at the food. I’m more mad at the place because it feels so fake.

It feels like a giant scam because they’re just selling the feeling. The food is fine, but the store is a giant facade. It’s not real. They’re just taking advantage of consumers. It’s bordering on cultural appropriation, because it’s almost fully staffed by Mexican people, and it has nothing authentic.

That’s what I don’t like.

It’s not like it’s for me. It’s for everyone who gets likes to get played. It’s not really real. It’s fake and it feels pretentious.

Also, those waitress girls are never into you.


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