October Busy

I was busy these last two weeks.

It was mostly work related. I was at the client in Dallas and it’s busier work than usual. The hours wouldn’t be too bad if I could just go back to the hotel after work. But I can’t. That would be rude.

The team usually has dinner together and it would be rude to skip it. So getting out of the client’s office at 6:30 becomes getting back to the hotel at like 9.

Then I like to go jog and have to shower, etc., so it 11pm comes around quickly.

So yea, the time I save by not having a long drive to the client, gets replaced by a de facto requires dinner. I think I prefer the drives because at least I get to be alone.

Those dinners are great the first two nights, then I’m just kinda over it.

Well at least I won’t be back in dallas, or deal with that for a while.


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