Finish the Restroom

I finally finished my restroom. 

It turned out to be more work that I realized, but it did end up the way I imagined it in my head. 

I ended up cutting a shelf, smashing tiles, patching a wall, replacing tiles, painting, and installing some shelves. That was the solution to the my bathroom problem. The problem being a self that was lower than my waist and tiles over said shelf. 

The entire thing took about a week longer that I expected because I didn’t take into account drying times. Drying after the wall patching. Drying after the painting. For a project that I was expecting to finish in a weekend, it really shoved everything down the stairs, err it severely slowed the entire process down. 

Either way, it’s over. I’m enjoying the restroom. 

Although once I was finished, I looked around and focused on the imperfections. I had to accept all those mistakes. 

A few weeks ago, I was back home and while I was taking a shower I noticed all the imperfections in the restroom. Those weren’t there when I remembered the restroom after all the times my dad remodeled it. 

I guess time will make the restroom look better in retrospective, kind of like most parts of life. 


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