Noble Redemption

This week I had a was a given a rare opportunity at redemption. I was back at one of my first clients at this firm.

The first time out there wasn’t too great. It was fine, but not great. It was the first year audit. The Controller left before the audit started. I was still trying to get a handle on the whole MA audit process. It was my first time working with people at the office. All that stuff. The job got done, but it wasn’t great work on my part.

It’s our second year doing their audit, so this time everything should be easier.

I liked this week. It seems to me like a crystal clear chance at redemption.

Anyway, it’s off to a good start. It was a successful week, even in spite of the computer problems my associate had, and the day I took off to train the new staff.

I think most of this busy season will be that way. I’m recurring on about 75% of my engagements, so they’ll all be chances at something close to redemption. It’ll be an eventful couple of months, but I welcome them.


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