Training the Kiddos

I volunteered to train the new kiddos.

I did it for a couple of reasons, in no particular order. First, I like being in the front of the room. Second, it made me feel smart. Third, it would probably look good on whatever thing they’re using to keep track of us. Finally, it’ll give a chance to scope out the new staff.

The training itself wasn’t too bad. There were two powerpoints had all our information. We presented them and added our own color commentary and stories throughout the presentations.

The information was pretty simple. At least I thought so, but that’s probably because I have done or reviewed it about 30 times. We had to repeat it like 10 times though and, regardless, I don’t think they got it.

Then I had lunch with the new staff. That was ok. They asked a bunch of easy and typical questions. How was it like when you started? What do you do? What’s busy season like? What are inventory counts like? ummm, Tell us something that has sucked? It was kind of cute. Also, at least, it was free.

The afternoon was a bit weird. We had a jeopardy-type game planned. It was pretty fun. The second part of the afternoon was more of a Q&A. We got a lot of the questions I had at lunch, then it fell into that weird place where no one wants to say anything because everyone is waiting to leave. That was fairly awkward.

That was about it.

So, I got to be in the front, check. I felt smart, check. I got a thank you email later, check. Finally, the staff weren’t too bad. So were better than others, but fairly similar across the board.

Pure success. I think I’ll do it again.


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