Volunteer Day 2

We volunteered at an elementary school again. 

The office schedules a day to volunteer and the entire office goes to volunteer. It’s really nice. 

We volunteered at an elementary school last year and it must have gone well because we volunteered at another school this year. 

I like volunteering at the school because it feels like we’re making a difference. Even if the stuff we do is fairly superficial (we mostly painted and gardened), I think the kids appreciate it and that makes me feel good. 

The most impactful part of the day was at the very beginning. 

The principal brought out a class full of kids and lined them up in front of us. Then two kids, boy and girl, to tell us thank you for helping. The school is in a poor part of town, so most of the kiddos were black and brown (another reason I like volunteer day). 

It was at that moment when the sadness of Trump’s victory hit me at a different level. These are the people who will mostly be affected by his win. 

Election night I was hurt because I felt rejected, but I didn’t feel like I was in any danger. I have a good job. I’m educated. I have some connections. I have credit. I’ll be ok. It’s these people who are in danger. It’s these children who are in danger. 

It was almost enough to make me do something to try and offset Trump’s actions.


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