Best Friend’s Wedding

One of my best friends got married last weekend. 

I was part of the wedding party. I bought my way in though. I paid for the rings. So, I had to be at the rehearsal on Friday night. That didn’t work for me. I had too much work. 

I flew out Friday at midnight. It was a big mistake for lots of reasons. First, I arrived in dallas at 5am. I slept 2 hours on the flight, but I was exhausted. Second, I landed at DFW. There were only cabs. I took one to the house and it was $85. Third, I was exhausted. I went to sleep after I got home. I think that last one was the worst. 

I got about two more hours of sleep before the wedding. There were photos taken before the wedding at the grooms house. We made it to the church separately. We waited at the church until show time. 

There was a girl assigned to walk down the aisle with me, which was great because I didn’t know what I was doing. I could make pretty good guesses, but why chance it. Besides they were recording it.

The mass was nice. Nothing unexpected happened. It went off without a hitch. 

I gave them the rings. They put them on. My part was done. Pictures were taken.

There was a party bus from the church to the reception. It was fun. I didn’t get the music they were playing, but I did understand the tequila. Also, side note, I took a drink from the bottle and felt fine. The other guys did too and also seemed normal, but the girls. They did the same and were fairly close to drunk by the time we got off the bus. 

There were more photos at the reception location. It was cold and windy. I was afraid I would get a cold. Also, we took some photos with cigars. They wanted to light them. I tried, but couldn’t. One of the guys asked if I smoked. I said, “No, my grandfather smoked and I hate my grandfather.” True story. 

The reception was fine. Dinner was on time and it was fajitas. I hear that’s a really easy food to get catered. I was starving because I didn’t have breakfast or lunch. I’m actually surprised the tequila didn’t hit me harder. After the food, my parents arrived and I hung out with them. 

It was super Mexican music and I was fine with it for about an hour. I got tired of it pretty fast. I wasn’t really expecting it. I should have been. 

After that, all of the traditional wedding things happened, throwing bouquets, dances, and other dances. I was waiting for the cake. It came later and it was fine. Oh wait, it was too sweet. Like diabetic sweet. I left soon after the cake. 

I can’t wait until my next friend gets married. Although, I’m running out of friends, on the count of me not having many friends. 


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