Thanksgiving Day Flight

This was my second time flying back for Thanksgiving, on Thanksgiving. 

It wasn’t too bad. It’s not too bad. I take the earliest flight to Dallas, so the entire thing, parking, security, food, and flight, isn’t too bad. I imagine it’s worse as the day progresses. It’s the volume of people that makes it bad right? 

Although this flight was weird because before the plane took off the guy in front of me said I was punching his seat. Was I pressing the screen pretty hard? Yes. Was that because the screen wasn’t sensitive? Yes. Did I pretend I didn’t speak English? No, I should have. That would have been appropriate. 

Also, there was another guy two rows ahead of me that was watching Die Hard. That is a pretty long movie. It’s a bit over two hours. Anyway, the guy gets through most of it. There’s about 15 mins left in the movie when he gets up and goes to the restroom. He misses the entire ending and most of the best parts. He comes back as the credits are rolling. He could have just paused the movie! What a monster. 

Thanksgiving was fine. It felt like I had travelled through time to have thanksgiving with my parents. Not that they’re backwards people or anything, but the situation felt so familiar that it was unsettling. Honestly, it felt like time travel. It was nice, just odd. 

But yea we had the traditional Thanksgiving. One of my cousins family came over. We had dinner at halftime of the cowboys game. We hung out after. It was great. 

The return flight was uneventful. The middle seat in my row was empty. That was nice. It was raining when I arrived in LA, again. That was surprising. 


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