Too Nice

Have you ever had too many people be nice to you?

I did this time on the way to the airport to catch my flight to Dallas. Once two people in a row were nice to me, I immediately thought I was going to die. I always figured a few nice things in a row would happen before the worst thing of all happened, death. So the two nice things put me on edge. 

The two nice things that happened were with the Uber driver and the TSA agent. 

The Uber driver was really easy to talk to. We talked about why I was flying out, his daughter, how to raise kids, sports, famous people he had picked up, etc. 

I have had nice Uber drivers before, so that niceness wasn’t too strange. The TSA agent interaction was a lot more unexpected. I was in the security line and the TSA agent looked me straight in the eye and asked 1) if I was doing ok, 2) if I was on time to make my flight, and 3) if I was going to make it to the gate. That was the nicest experience with a TSA agent I ever had.

Back to the Uber driver. Right before we made it to the airport, he asked me how old I was. I gave him my usual answer. I don’t know. People ask once a year and it changes every year. Can’t they just ask when I was born? That doesn’t change. 

He thought that was hilarious. The dude literally lol’ed 

Honestly, it really pointed me toward something I knew all along. It’s so much easier to get along with black people than white people. Oh the Uber driver was black. I don’t think I’ve ever not gotten along with a black Uber driver. It’s always a pleasant conversation where we connect about a bunch of stuff. White people though, especially in LA, feel so foreign to me. I han an easier time connecting to the white people out in the country during my summer road trips. I’ll stop at a gas station or diner and we’ll connect about something safe enough, like cars, sports, or food. 

Anyway, people were too nice. It freaked me out. I thought I was going to die. I didn’t die. 


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