Mountain Bike Ride

My dad took me on a bike ride. We took our bike and a bike we borrowed from my uncle and went into the mountain wilderness. 

We went along back road paths that go along the side of fields and eventually lead to other smaller towns. Along the way my dad would point at things and say what type of plant that was, what fruits it gave, and how it or the fruit was used. He would point and far away house and mention who lived there and why they lived there. 

We eventually arrived at our destination, which was an old creek. People used to bathe and wash clothes there. Then, when running water came along, they damned it only used it for recreation. It looked in bad shape, but that’s because it’s the middle of winter so no one had kept it up in a while. 

Next up, we went to the race track (horse). It wasn’t it great shape either, but it probably hadn’t been used in a few months. We were close to the highway, so we decided to take that back to the house. Oh, when we arrived at the creek my left pedal fell off. We screwed it back together and smashed it on. Well it would fall off after a certain number of pedals. I think in total it fell off about 5 times. One of those times was on the highway. 

It was a good a time. I hadn’t been on a bike for like 10 years. Got some quality time with pops. Relaxed for a good bit. I don’t think it I could have asked for a better afternoon. 


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