Slow Winter Days

These winter break days have been very relaxing. 

They have all followed a great pattern. I wake up, have some coffee, stretch out a bit, and play some Pokémon Moon. Then it’s lunch time, so I eat. It’s then time to start drinking. I’ll play some more Pokémon Moon and Pops will put on a bootleg movie. It’s usually something I wanted to see, but never got around to, like Quantum of Solace or the Magnificent 7. Then we’re close to dinner time and another movie, or vice-versa. I’ll top off the night with some Bo Jackhorseman. 

Honestly, that’s the majority of what I want to do when I’m on vacation. I want to do the stuff I like, which I regularly do anyway, but in a different location. Between all my regular stuff, I want to go walk around outside. That makes for relaxation and a good vacation. 


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