The Other Half

There’s a strange feeling I get while I’m in Mexico. It’s the most pervasive feeling I have when I’m not distracted. It’s a feeling of uncomfortableness and I think I have pinned down why. 

It’s a feeling of privilege. When I am down in Mexico, my place in life switches. It’s like I become part of their 1%. I’m still myself and I do everything I normally do, but it’s not the same. In every interaction with someone who lives there, I have a better life and more power. It’s an uncomfortable feeling. 

Also, I can leave and go to the US. That alone is an amazing privilege, but it is also the source my privilege. 

It’s a privilege I don’t deserve. Why did I end up having it? I could just have easily been on the other side and been part of the other half. It only shows me how simple choices have profound effects.

These are people whose grandparents, or parents, could have gone to the US, lived similar lives, and returned like I do. Because so many people have left my home town in Mexico, there are really mostly old people and kids in the town.

My uncle is working on starting a nursing home for some of the old people whose kids can’t take care of them. He puts a lot of time and effort into it. Maybe it’s because he feels the same, or maybe he’s just a good person. 

Either way, I’m curious how many other people feel the same way and how they handle it. 


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