To Mexico v50

The same things happened leading up to this Christmas that did last year. 

My dad said he wouldn’t be able to go. I bought a plane ticket to Mexico. Then my dad said he was going to go. He would drive to Mexico. I felt bad about him driving by himself, so I cancel the ticket and drive with him.

That was all the same. The difference this year was that we left at night on Christmas Eve. Last year we left the night before Christmas Eve. That year, the drive down was normal and there were tons of people at the border. It took at least a solid 6 hours to cross the border. We eventually got home around 10pm on Christmas Eve. It was a 24 hour trip. 

This year was so easy. We left at 9pm. Slept for 2 hours on the road. Got to the border like at 5am. The permit place was empty. It took all of maybe 20 minutes to get the permit. We got home around 2pm on Christmas. It was only 17 hours, but 2 of those we were asleep at a rest stop. So it was like a 15 hour drive. Seven hours less than the last year. 

Funny enough. The day before Christmas Eve, my dad comes home and asks if we want to leave that day. My sister and I were like no. There’s going to be a ton of people. Let’s just wait. It was a great call. It probably would have been another 24 trip if we had left. 

This year was the easiest trip to Mexico during Christmas that I could remember. 


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