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Slow Winter Days

These winter break days have been very relaxing. 

They have all followed a great pattern. I wake up, have some coffee, stretch out a bit, and play some Pokémon Moon. Then it’s lunch time, so I eat. It’s then time to start drinking. I’ll play some more Pokémon Moon and Pops will put on a bootleg movie. It’s usually something I wanted to see, but never got around to, like Quantum of Solace or the Magnificent 7. Then we’re close to dinner time and another movie, or vice-versa. I’ll top off the night with some Bo Jackhorseman. 

Honestly, that’s the majority of what I want to do when I’m on vacation. I want to do the stuff I like, which I regularly do anyway, but in a different location. Between all my regular stuff, I want to go walk around outside. That makes for relaxation and a good vacation. 


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Mountain Bike Ride

My dad took me on a bike ride. We took our bike and a bike we borrowed from my uncle and went into the mountain wilderness. 

We went along back road paths that go along the side of fields and eventually lead to other smaller towns. Along the way my dad would point at things and say what type of plant that was, what fruits it gave, and how it or the fruit was used. He would point and far away house and mention who lived there and why they lived there. 

We eventually arrived at our destination, which was an old creek. People used to bathe and wash clothes there. Then, when running water came along, they damned it only used it for recreation. It looked in bad shape, but that’s because it’s the middle of winter so no one had kept it up in a while. 

Next up, we went to the race track (horse). It wasn’t it great shape either, but it probably hadn’t been used in a few months. We were close to the highway, so we decided to take that back to the house. Oh, when we arrived at the creek my left pedal fell off. We screwed it back together and smashed it on. Well it would fall off after a certain number of pedals. I think in total it fell off about 5 times. One of those times was on the highway. 

It was a good a time. I hadn’t been on a bike for like 10 years. Got some quality time with pops. Relaxed for a good bit. I don’t think it I could have asked for a better afternoon. 

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The Other Half

There’s a strange feeling I get while I’m in Mexico. It’s the most pervasive feeling I have when I’m not distracted. It’s a feeling of uncomfortableness and I think I have pinned down why. 

It’s a feeling of privilege. When I am down in Mexico, my place in life switches. It’s like I become part of their 1%. I’m still myself and I do everything I normally do, but it’s not the same. In every interaction with someone who lives there, I have a better life and more power. It’s an uncomfortable feeling. 

Also, I can leave and go to the US. That alone is an amazing privilege, but it is also the source my privilege. 

It’s a privilege I don’t deserve. Why did I end up having it? I could just have easily been on the other side and been part of the other half. It only shows me how simple choices have profound effects.

These are people whose grandparents, or parents, could have gone to the US, lived similar lives, and returned like I do. Because so many people have left my home town in Mexico, there are really mostly old people and kids in the town.

My uncle is working on starting a nursing home for some of the old people whose kids can’t take care of them. He puts a lot of time and effort into it. Maybe it’s because he feels the same, or maybe he’s just a good person. 

Either way, I’m curious how many other people feel the same way and how they handle it. 

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To Mexico v50

The same things happened leading up to this Christmas that did last year. 

My dad said he wouldn’t be able to go. I bought a plane ticket to Mexico. Then my dad said he was going to go. He would drive to Mexico. I felt bad about him driving by himself, so I cancel the ticket and drive with him.

That was all the same. The difference this year was that we left at night on Christmas Eve. Last year we left the night before Christmas Eve. That year, the drive down was normal and there were tons of people at the border. It took at least a solid 6 hours to cross the border. We eventually got home around 10pm on Christmas Eve. It was a 24 hour trip. 

This year was so easy. We left at 9pm. Slept for 2 hours on the road. Got to the border like at 5am. The permit place was empty. It took all of maybe 20 minutes to get the permit. We got home around 2pm on Christmas. It was only 17 hours, but 2 of those we were asleep at a rest stop. So it was like a 15 hour drive. Seven hours less than the last year. 

Funny enough. The day before Christmas Eve, my dad comes home and asks if we want to leave that day. My sister and I were like no. There’s going to be a ton of people. Let’s just wait. It was a great call. It probably would have been another 24 trip if we had left. 

This year was the easiest trip to Mexico during Christmas that I could remember. 

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Sick 2016

It happened again. I got sick.

I think I got sick back in August too. Twice in a year is pretty bad. Especially considering I didn’t get sick the two years prior.

This time I know exactly why I got sick. I stayed with my parents on Saturday and I didn’t fly out to LA from Dallas until Saturday afternoon. Well my father was sick and so was my sister. My sister was in awful shape. She was in bed from the time I got home on Friday until I left on Saturday.

I made it back and was feeling ok. I even went to the office holiday party that night and felt good. Sunday I woke up and was still feeling pretty good, but then around noon I started getting an awful scratching in my throat. It got worse as the day went on. I had been working outside since the morning, and because I drink when I work, that probably didn’t help with the early stages of the sickness.

Either way, I woke up on Monday and felt awful. I checked my work emails. Nothing important had come up, so I took some medicine and fell asleep most of the day. I got real bad. My bones hurt and I was running a fever. I kept taking the medicine, but it didn’t help much. By Tuesday I was running out of medicine, so I went to Target to buy some more. I came home and it was then that I realized I had only been taking cough medicine. I was missing all that sweet pain/fever reducing medicine, which is probably why my pain and fever hadn’t gone away. That was something I completely blamed on my roommate, since they brought that old medicine on Sunday when I was starting to feel sick and asked them to go buy some medicine. You can’t trust anybody these days…

Wednesday wasn’t great, but  it was manageable. Thursday was ok and I was fine by Friday. Although the cough took about another week to finally get over.

Blah, anyway, I always feel better about life once I get over a sickness. It really appreciate life, after I’ve felt like shit for a few days. oh, it also makes me dread getting sick with like a cancer. I imagine going through chemotherapy would feel similar, except maybe with some additional serious nausea.

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Making Progress

The strangest thing happened to me this week.

There was that one coworker that I was having serious trouble understanding. He was the one with whom I thought I had nothing in common. Almost every conversation or interaction with him was awkward or forced. I had trouble trusting him because I couldn’t give him the benefit of the doubt. At least that’s where I thought I was with him.

The strange thing that happened was that he asked me if I wanted to get a drink that evening, after dinner. It was the day the other LA staff had to leave to Dallas to go back to LA. It was so weird because, like I said, we had already gotten dinner as a team. We had gone back to the hotel. It was like 9pm and he had only texted me. Oh, and were staying at different hotels. So he had to drive to get to this bar for the drink. And, I guess the weirdest part was that I thought he felt the same way about me. Maybe not all that distrusting stuff, but at least the not having anything in common part.

Anyway, I was jogging when I got that text. I said yea, let’s do it, I’m jogging so when I shower I’m good to go. He said alright and I met him at the bar for the drink.

It was weird, because it wasn’t that weird.

I don’t remember the first thing we talked about, but we hit some pretty easy topics. We talked about our favorite movies and! why we liked them. We talked about work, but not that usual way where it’s just complaining other people he’s worked with, or when he’s name dropping important people he knows. It was us talking about what we like and don’t like. We were both opening up. It felt real.

That’s how we left it. The next day he flew back to LA and I stayed until Sunday to spend some time with my family.

I thought this might happen. I know we didn’t have anything in common, but I figured that our experience at this client, would eventually be the start of our things in common. I just thought it would take like a year.

I’m really curious how things will be in January.

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Unexpected Delay

We’re supposed to be out at this Dallas client for two weeks.

For the first week, we have a staff from LA out to help with the work. Well the client had nothing for us on the first day, Monday. There was also nothing for us on Tuesday, or Wednesday. Our bosses ended up talking to the client and they said they wouldn’t have our first week stuff this week. So, we had to send the staff home on Thursday.

It sucked because we know there is a bunch of stuff that has to be done, but we have to sit on our hands since we don’t have what we need. I mean, it’s fun for a day or two, but we lost the entire week. We’re going to have to do a week’s worth of work later, like in the next month. It’s just more work later. Ugh.

We’re going to take a look behind the curtain now.

That part above was from about a month ago. I have spent the last month waiting for the support I needed from the client. Then looking over it. Then working on it while I’m supposed to be on other client’s work. It’s been a huge pain. Having that one staff to help out would have saved me a lot of time. Having that work earlier, would have saved me a lot of stress.

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