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Changing Responsibilities

I spent the last week down at one of my client’s offices.

I want to say that we got a lot done, but we didn’t. We were too distracted with other clients and administrative items.

I was told this happens to seniors, but I finally got some real experience with the situation. I didn’t like it. I’ll have to come up with some way to prioritize my workflow. Yea, I guess that will ultimately be it. I can’t do it all. Some stuff is going to have to not get done.

The newest part was telling the new staff what to do, then showing her how to do it, and then reviewing it. The telling her part wasn’t too bad. I think I’m a decent explain-er. The showing her how to do it was more difficult because I couldn’t yet tell where that line was between watching her do it and letting her doing it. And that kinda revolved around wanting her to come up with some ideas naturally and letting her learn through the struggle, but then also not wanting her to become frustrated through too much struggling.

I barely got to the reviewing part, but I don’t think I had enough time to actually go through it with her. So I thought I would save that for Monday. The review part is really important for her development and her development is really important to the success of our future engagements.

These are different problems than I’m used to so they are stressing me out earlier this week. But as time passes I’m feeling more and more confident about them. Now they’re almost starting to become exciting.


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Futures Past

This is a good time to write about the summer movies that have been released.

The Amazing Spiderman 2 kicked off the summer movie season. It was ok. It wasn’t good enough to want to rewatch. It wasn’t necessarily bad, but it was clunky. The first hour and half were actually pretty good, but right after the clock tower scene there was an extra 20 to 30 minutes that really brought the movie down.

The next summer movie was Godzilla. When I think of Godzilla the first word that comes to mind is boring. That movie wasn’t good. You didn’t see Godzilla until the last 20 minutes. That really put the emphasize on the acting, which wasn’t very good, with the exception of Bryan Cranston, but he dies early on. I think I feel asleep for about 5 minutes somewhere in between, and I didn’t miss anything.

X-men Days of Future Past! That was a good movie. First of all, I love time travel, and this movie made it awesome. The story was sooo good. The action was great. That’s a movie I want to rewatch, unlike the Spiderman. I can’t see find any faults in it right now. Maybe there could have been a bit more Jennifer Lawrence, but I’m sure that always applies.

Special shout out to Captain America: The Winter Soldier. That opened up a few weeks before Spiderman and I’m not considering it a summer movie, but it was better than Spiderman and Godzilla.


I woke up early today.

At least it was early for a Saturday. I wanted to wake up early so I could go for an early morning jogging. It worked out. I had a bit of breakfast. I went to the park around 8:15am and jogged 2 laps, which is the first time this year. It hurt, but it was worth it.

That was the highlight of the day. After the jog, I showered, went to Whataburger, watched the Champions League final, and took a quick nap. Then I got some Wingstop and watched Gladiator. oh, and I made a cover letter for the Department of Defense, auditor position that I applied.

Hopefully I’ll get the job and move away.

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Restroom Talk

ok. So it’s a few minutes before class.

I’m at the urinal. Some one comes in and takes the second urinal from me. It’s a girl! I’m in the girl’s restroom. It’s not a urinal. It’s a sink.


It’s the professor.

I didn’t know. I don’t pay much attention to things while I’m in the restroom.

He say, “Hey Luis”.

So, I don’t like to talk in the restroom. Who does, right? I especially don’t want to talk at the urinal [I am a nervous pee-er] . I muster a, “Good morning Professor,” and actually work up a stream.

There was a definite tension after the spoken words because…..well….you can hear each other peeing.

I finish first and go to the sink. I’m washing my hands and it hits me!

This is a great time to break the tension and not seem like a jackass for not making urinal conversation.

I’m looking at my hands. Specifically, I was looking at my left index finger, which is where I was shot last Saturday at paintball. The skin on my finger was a bit busted from a paintball.

So I say something like, I went paintballing on Saturday and was shot in the finger and it started bleeding a bit.

He says something like, I went paintballing with my son a few years ago on a school activity thingy. It was a really fun.

I say something like, there were a couple of father/son groups there. It is fun.

Now everyone forgot about the peeing tension, and! I don’t look/feel like a jackass.

The key to restroom talk? Think about something to say at the sink while you both wash your hands. If they don’t wash their hands? You don’t need to be talking to them.

Problem resolved!

Another solution, and only [current (22) – appropriate (13)] 9 years late.

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