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Making Progress

The strangest thing happened to me this week.

There was that one coworker that I was having serious trouble understanding. He was the one with whom I thought I had nothing in common. Almost every conversation or interaction with him was awkward or forced. I had trouble trusting him because I couldn’t give him the benefit of the doubt. At least that’s where I thought I was with him.

The strange thing that happened was that he asked me if I wanted to get a drink that evening, after dinner. It was the day the other LA staff had to leave to Dallas to go back to LA. It was so weird because, like I said, we had already gotten dinner as a team. We had gone back to the hotel. It was like 9pm and he had only texted me. Oh, and were staying at different hotels. So he had to drive to get to this bar for the drink. And, I guess the weirdest part was that I thought he felt the same way about me. Maybe not all that distrusting stuff, but at least the not having anything in common part.

Anyway, I was jogging when I got that text. I said yea, let’s do it, I’m jogging so when I shower I’m good to go. He said alright and I met him at the bar for the drink.

It was weird, because it wasn’t that weird.

I don’t remember the first thing we talked about, but we hit some pretty easy topics. We talked about our favorite movies and! why we liked them. We talked about work, but not that usual way where it’s just complaining other people he’s worked with, or when he’s name dropping important people he knows. It was us talking about what we like and don’t like. We were both opening up. It felt real.

That’s how we left it. The next day he flew back to LA and I stayed until Sunday to spend some time with my family.

I thought this might happen. I know we didn’t have anything in common, but I figured that our experience at this client, would eventually be the start of our things in common. I just thought it would take like a year.

I’m really curious how things will be in January.


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Cars and Mexico

I drove a lot this last Christmas break.

I went from LA to Dallas, then Dallas to Mexico, back to Dallas, and back to LA.

I’m really glad I took the drive from Dallas to Mexico. The last time I had gone on that drive was probably 4 years ago. It felt different this time though. It didn’t feel as long, or boring. There was more development this time. There were more gas stations and sort of convenient stores. It broke up the drive.

But even beyond that, the drive felt more pleasant. The landscape looked more pleasant. The drive back was just as nice too. It was the strangest thing. The entire countryside was more beautiful, which made me think it didn’t really change. It must have been me that changed.

Being in Mexico was great too. I was there for a week, but I usually get anxious after the first few days and I yearn for it to be over. This time it didn’t get that feeling. Maybe that’s another way that I have changed as well.

That’s it I think. I’m not remembering any bad moments.

No regrets this Christmas break.

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Sports Sundays

Yesterday I missed Dallas for the first time.

Manchester United was playing Liverpool on Saturday morning. This was the first big game that was not unreasonably early, so I decided to go to where the LA Reds hang out to watch the game. It wasn’t too tough to find and the place was nice and everything, but I missed Vickery Park in Dallas. I missed my buddy, the food, and the atmosphere.

This place didn’t look like it had the best food. Also, what threw me off the most was that it had a banner up that said it was an official Manchester City pub. I found it odd that the Manchester United group couldn’t find it’s own place, but hey, maybe that’s how it is here. Maybe there are more City fans than United fans. There were also quite a few Liverpool fans watching the game as well as random Real Madrid fans. I guess I was just used to the homogeneous crowd in Dallas.

Today, Sunday, was strange too. It was the first week of the NFL and the games on broadcast TV were awful. It was the Houston and KC game, which I don’t know why it was highlighted in this market, as the only 10am (Dallas noon) game. From back in Dallas, I’m used to having two choices for the first game. The second games at 1:30pm were San Diego vs Detroit, which I understand because we’re kinda close to San Diego and the Denver vs Baltimore game, which was probably on because it was the biggest afternoon game. Either way, I’m not used to seeing those teams play and having limited options. It was rather disappointed and a bit confusing.

At least the Cowboys were on the Sunday night game, which is only in the late afternoon here. The game was on for an hour with the sun up, but it did end at a convenient almost 9pm. That was a pleasant surprise.

I’m hoping I get used to this stuff.

I think I’ll try the LA Reds place a few more times, preferably on a lesser known game and maybe even an early one. That should get me a better feel for the place. The NFL games will take a while to get used to, but I’m sure I’ll appreciate it at some point.

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Birthday 26

It was my birthday yesterday.

I want to say it was a typical birthday. That’s mostly because I can’t remember what I do on most birthdays. Writing this should solve that problem for next year. Maybe I wrote down what I did last year on here. I could check, but that would ruin the mystery.

Anyway, I woke and lounged around. I wanted to go for a hike early, but I ended up mindlessly googling things online for too long. Because I took so long, I received a call before I left.

I had gone to the doctor the day before, because I hadn’t gone to the doctor for a check up in at least 10 years. I fasted so the doctor could request blood tests. He did tell me to go to the lab so they could take my blood for the tests. The doctor said I would get the results around the end of the week, so I wasn’t expecting a call the next day.

He told me some stuff was good but that my cholesterol and my triglycerides were high. He didn’t give me any numbers but wanted to give me some more information. He asked if I wanted it over the phone or in person. I’m not working right now, so I asked to come in. I’ll see him on Friday.

High cholesterol.

And on my birthday.

So, I did go for a hike after the phone call. I hiked into the Santa Monica mountains. I walked for about an hour on the main trail. Then I took a smaller trail to get to the top of the hill/mountain thing. That took about 30 minutes. I enjoyed the view and the peacefulness and then descended.

On the way down, my phone rang. Surely it couldn’t be the doctor with worse news. It wasn’t. It was the movers. They were at my apartment. I was in the middle of some hills and the call was breaking up. I yelled at them, “I’ll be there in 30 minutes!”

I ran back to my car. Well it was a combination of running and walking while wheezing. I did make it back to my place in 30 minutes. The movers weren’t there and then I thought I heard them say they would be there at noon. So I waited for 20 minutes, until noon, and they arrived.

They dropped off all my stuff fairly quickly. We talked about fantasy football, we signed a lot of papers, and they left.

I had been letting a lot of things pile up. Unpacking was one more thing on my list of things to do, so I decided to go to the movies and avoid everything.  I watched American Ultra. It wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t too memorable. After that, I continued my procrastination and took a nap.

*I was writing this on my phone and it posted without my noticing. I didn’t bother to go back and edit it until 4 days later. Big mistake. I don’t remember my train of thought.*

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Picking the Time

My father used to take me to the movies up in north Dallas.

It would take about 40 minutes to get there from our house, but once we got there it was always worth it. It was kinda the opposite of going to Mexico, where the trip was really long but not worth it.

Anyway, I never knew when the last time we would go to the movies was. We just never went back. So, I can’t remember what was the last movie we saw up there. It would have been nice to know when the last time was, while it was happening.

Since I know I’m leaving the week of the 9th, I can pick my last times for a lot of things. I can pick the last time I go to Uncle Ubers. I can pick the last lunch with the co-workers and by extension the last time I see them. I can pick the last time I hang out with my cousins. I can pick all that stuff.

That will be nice. In times of changes, it’s cool to have some control over something, over anything.

I have a feeling that a lot of my important moments will revolve around eating.

Hey, I ended up making a solid calendar and a solid list of things to do before I leave.

That made me more comfortable. Man, I leave in four weeks. Writing that made me less comfortable. I think I’ll feel better in the morning and after I knock a couple of things off my list.

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Peek the Two Roads

The main boss man is quitting.

Apparently, there is a 6 month period where they can keep him after he decides he wants to resign. People are saying that KPMG hasn’t decided how long in that 6 month period to keep him.

The main boss man is going to another firm.

People in our group have been talking about whether we’re staying at KPMG or not. I’m not planning on staying. But this does bring up the possibility of going to that firm too. While an immediate boss man and I were talking through that possibility, the vision of a possible future became clear.

That firm is up in the north part of town. It would suck to have to drive there everyday. He told me houses in Farmer’s Branch were around 120k. I did some research later and he’s right! So with, houses at 120k, I might as well buy one and live close by, if I got a job somewhere up there. But if I buy a house, then I should stay at that job for about 2 or 3 years right? My that point I should be up to manager. I better be sure I like what I’m doing.

With a house, I’ll basically be an adult. That is a definitive future. And, if I lock down these next three years with a steady job and a house, then it’ll be tough to pick up and move. How will I get to California then?

Also, if one of the best advantages of being in Dallas was that I was saving all this money by living with my parents, then I end up using the money I saved to buy a house and lock myself down with that, then that’s it. I’m back to square one in terms of moving to California. I guess the only difference will be that I have a house, and that I’ll hopefully be a manager.

Although, the last time I thought about, I wanted to be partner. Will it be harder to be partner if I keep switching firms? I would think it would.

Flip side, while I can lock myself down with these option for my future, the California option is still so unclear. Anything could happen. I could get a great job and a great firm, or with a shitty firm, or with a meh firm. I could burn through all my savings and, if I have a crappy job, come crawling back to Dallas like a chump. I could get a great job, enjoy life, and become a partner at a great firm. Anything from anywhere in between could happen.

So it’ll come down to two paths, the relatively safe option or the high risk / high reward option.

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The Current Complaints

They aren’t mine.

Last weekend I hung out with two of my oldest friends. Separately. I meet one at The Flying Saucer on Friday and went with the other one to Del Friscos Grille on Saturday. On Sunday I had to time to think and I realized that they both spent the majority of our time together complaining.

Fortunately, they weren’t complaining about me. They were both complaining about work. They were so unhappy with their jobs. One was unhappy because they were passed over for a promotion for a position, for which they already do the work. The biggest slap in the face was the fact that they would have to train the new hire. The other was complaining about the work they were being required to do. They were being bombarded with administrative work that doesn’t add any value to their actual job.

I’m glad I don’t have it bad. Sure I’ve complained about KPMG in the past and there things I didn’t like about RK, but it has never felt that bad. I’ve never been that unhappy. They were talking about leaving their jobs. One is searching and the other is really considering it. Wait, I did apply for that other job, but that wasn’t so much because of unhappiness. It was more about having options and embracing some change.

I hope things turn out well for them.

I’ve tried not to think about it too much. I’m going to save it all for the trip to California. It’s going to be a long drive and I’ll use that time to figure out how I feel about a lot of things.

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