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Sick 2016

It happened again. I got sick.

I think I got sick back in August too. Twice in a year is pretty bad. Especially considering I didn’t get sick the two years prior.

This time I know exactly why I got sick. I stayed with my parents on Saturday and I didn’t fly out to LA from Dallas until Saturday afternoon. Well my father was sick and so was my sister. My sister was in awful shape. She was in bed from the time I got home on Friday until I left on Saturday.

I made it back and was feeling ok. I even went to the office holiday party that night and felt good. Sunday I woke up and was still feeling pretty good, but then around noon I started getting an awful scratching in my throat. It got worse as the day went on. I had been working outside since the morning, and because I drink when I work, that probably didn’t help with the early stages of the sickness.

Either way, I woke up on Monday and felt awful. I checked my work emails. Nothing important had come up, so I took some medicine and fell asleep most of the day. I got real bad. My bones hurt and I was running a fever. I kept taking the medicine, but it didn’t help much. By Tuesday I was running out of medicine, so I went to Target to buy some more. I came home and it was then that I realized I had only been taking cough medicine. I was missing all that sweet pain/fever reducing medicine, which is probably why my pain and fever hadn’t gone away. That was something I completely blamed on my roommate, since they brought that old medicine on Sunday when I was starting to feel sick and asked them to go buy some medicine. You can’t trust anybody these days…

Wednesday wasn’t great, but  it was manageable. Thursday was ok and I was fine by Friday. Although the cough took about another week to finally get over.

Blah, anyway, I always feel better about life once I get over a sickness. It really appreciate life, after I’ve felt like shit for a few days. oh, it also makes me dread getting sick with like a cancer. I imagine going through chemotherapy would feel similar, except maybe with some additional serious nausea.


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A Different Approach

oh man, I’ve slept so much.

I woke up with a giant headache and a sore throat so I stayed home from work. I took some NyQuil and slept the entire day. Man, I felt really drowsy after I woke up. I was supposed to take more medicine at 9pm, but I didn’t.

Usually it takes an entire bottle of NyQuil for the sickness to be gone, but those last days of the sickness always feel weird and that’s because I’m never sure if I feel drowsy because I’m still sick, or because of the medicine.

This time, I’m feeling ok. I’m not going to take any more of the medicine. Let’s see how the rest of this cold/flu shakes out.

I guess that’s it. I was asleep for almost the entire day, so yea.

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Sick, Again, Again

I had to miss work again.

But the way I want to spin this is, selflessness. Sure, I probably could have powered through the day like I did on Monday, but today was different. Today we had training, and it would have forced me to have close interaction with at least 3 other people, when about 20 of us would be in a small enclosed room. I had to stay home. It was for my co-workers.

I’ll go to work tomorrow. I’ll do my best to stay away from everyone. I’ll stay in my cube and work quietly until leaving time. It shouldn’t be too bad. I might be able to wean myself off the medicine too.

oh, good news. I finished the Harry Potter book!  BAM! nailed it. I still have a thousand more books to read and a few video games to play. I’ll make strides this weekend. I hope.

Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use. -Emily Post, author and columnist (1872-1960)

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