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Unexpected Delay

We’re supposed to be out at this Dallas client for two weeks.

For the first week, we have a staff from LA out to help with the work. Well the client had nothing for us on the first day, Monday. There was also nothing for us on Tuesday, or Wednesday. Our bosses ended up talking to the client and they said they wouldn’t have our first week stuff this week. So, we had to send the staff home on Thursday.

It sucked because we know there is a bunch of stuff that has to be done, but we have to sit on our hands since we don’t have what we need. I mean, it’s fun for a day or two, but we lost the entire week. We’re going to have to do a week’s worth of work later, like in the next month. It’s just more work later. Ugh.

We’re going to take a look behind the curtain now.

That part above was from about a month ago. I have spent the last month waiting for the support I needed from the client. Then looking over it. Then working on it while I’m supposed to be on other client’s work. It’s been a huge pain. Having that one staff to help out would have saved me a lot of time. Having that work earlier, would have saved me a lot of stress.


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The Leftover Work

I didn’t have to work this weekend.

If I had finished all of my work on yesterday, then I wouldn’t need to finish my work this weekend. But instead of finishing my work on Friday, I decided to have my fun first. I got through half of the remaining work today, but then I went off to do stuff. Then I got home and continued to avoid it.

Now I’m left with tomorrow to wrap it all up. I know I should do it first thing tomorrow. That way I can enjoy the rest of the day, but I think I have a pretty good idea of how the day will go. I’m fairly certain that I will wake up and watch the football games. I’ll have breakfast and try to do the work. I’ll get through half of it before I think that I should go for a jog. I’ll go for a jog early because I also want to go for a haircut tomorrow morning before lunch. I’ll jog, shower, and get a haircut.

Since I’ll be out, I’ll grab something for lunch. I’ll come home and start to feel a little drowsy so I’ll take a nap. I’ll wake up and then decide to finish up my work. It’ll take me to around 6pm or 7pm to finish it. Then I’ll grab dinner. I’ll probably then iron some clothes and watch TV. Then I’ll start to panic a bit because I haven’t written my blog or done my Spanish for the day.

Also, I’ll want to go to sleep early, but I won’t be able to because of the nap I took earlier.

What I should have done to avoid all of this was done my work on Friday. But alas, fun first.

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Calls from the

. . . Past

Last week I received a call from a city council man in Seagoville. He called himself a city council person, which I thought was pretty funny. He said the call was concerning the DISD Board of Trustees, which was something I hadn’t thought about in a while. I was a bit busy so it took me a day or two to call him back.

When I called him back he asked me if I was considering a run for the seat again. I had to tell him I didn’t live in Dallas anymore.

Honestly, right after I lost the election, I thought about how I would run again. A few months later, I decided not to run again. Maybe I would have thought differently closer to the election date, but I didn’t want to seriously run.

What I did want to do was get my name on the ballot again, but not run a campaign.

After I lost the election, I was pretty disappointed that I lost. But more than that, I was disappointed that I didn’t have any sort of impact on the community. At least there wasn’t one I could see in the voter turnout figures. Total turnout in the district was just as low as it was in the last election. Turnout in the precincts where I did the most campaigning was just as low as well. Yea, I didn’t see any impact and that was the worst part.

I figured if the incumbent ran again, then I could run a little bit of an experiment. I would put my name on the ballot and not campaign, at all. I would let the election results roll in and see if turnout was any better or worse. Then I could really judge the impact of my first campaign.

The city councilman asked if I knew anybody who would be a good candidate. I said no not really. He said we should meet the next time I was in town. He seemed nice enough, so I think I will give him a call some other day.

. . . Future

Monday, I received a call from a manager on one of my future engagements. It was about doing an inventory observation for that client.

That was the “problem”. The client sells fancy clothes at swanky resorts, which means the inventory is also at swanky resorts. Apparently a majority of client’s inventory is at two resort locations in Mexico.

Usually we get an accounting firm in Mexico to do the observations in Mexico, but the client had a bad experience with the last Mexican accounting firm. So now we need to go count their inventory at the end of the month.

The manager asked if I had inventory experience, which I do, and if I knew Spanish, which I do. Once we got all that stuff out of the way, we needed to clear it with the manager’s on my other engagements and our staffing people. We cleared most of those hurdles today. I think I’m good to book the flight. I’m talking to the manager tomorrow, so I’ll clear it with him then.

I want to say that I hope I go. I know I’ll find it tough to relax, since I’ll be in the middle of busy season, but I’ll try. Either way, if it blows up at this point, at least it’s a good story. I almost got to swanky Mexico to count fancy clothes, or I got to go to swanky Mexico to count fancy clothes.

. . . Present?

Alright, they weren’t really phone calls. They were texts, but I think my point still applies. The texts are the more interesting part. I ended up finally texting two people who I had been meaning to contact.

First, I texted my designated buddy to hang out. He is my firm designated buddy. There aren’t many great ways to make friends. Work is probably the best place to make a friend. We’re friendly enough, so at some point we’ll need to hang out outside of work to become real friends, right?

Well, he’s from Seattle, so he’s a Seahawks fan. We were going to watch early Seahawks game, but things got complicated. His friend was in town, so they were going to come too, but then they were going to leave and he had to take them to the airport, but then they had tickets to the Clippers game, and it got messy. I bailed and we rescheduled for the Seahawks game next weekend. Although, the Seahawks almost ruined our plans by almost losing the game.

Second, I texted my cousin. He lives here in Southern California. I went to his wedding this past summer. I had been meaning to contact him since I moved out here, but I hadn’t. Life got in the way. I figured I could always make the busy excuse. There would probably never be an idle time to reach out, so I went ahead and did it.

We’re going to get some pizza on Saturday. It should be pretty great. Either way, I’ll have some pizza, so it won’t be an entire loss.

I used to really hate talking on the phone and texting people. Now, it’s not so bad. You get a nice spread of good, bad, and weird things. Ha, kinda like life.

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The Toughest Client

My job isn’t that hard.

I work on the computer almost all day. My work involves making a lot of spreadsheets, writing up memos, and other documentation, like on pdfs. The real trick to the job is juggling all the work that is required, along with the deadlines. It’s a fairly easy job.

This week I’m starting on the toughest client of this season. What makes it tougher than the others is that it’s classified as a public entity, which doesn’t necessarily mean more testing, just more documentation. Also, what makes this documentation requirement tougher than regular documentation requirements, is that I don’t know what that required documentation is. This is my first public client and, of course, this is my first KPMG public client.

And, since this might be my last auditing season, this will probably be the toughest client of my career.

All, that being said. Once I’m finished with this client I only have three more clients to complete and that’s it. I’ll be done for busy season. Although, at KPMG, they expect us to work all year around. So bye bye summer.

I don’t know how long I’ll stay after the end of busy season. Although, if I stay until October, that’s when the bonuses are paid out. That should be at least $1,000. I don’t know.Maybe I’ll just start looking for a job after season. Meh, I’ll think about this in two or three months.

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First Sister Gone

I dropped my sister off at her university yesterday.

I only really thought about dropping her off twice, on Monday and yesterday. When I briefly thought about it Monday, I cried. It wasn’t because I was going to miss her, or anything forward-looking like that. It was because we spent a lot of time together and now those moments are gone. I won’t be able to go back to those moments when we were hanging out around the dinner table making fun of the stuff my mom or my sister said/did.

Yesterday, after we took her stuff up to her room and set up her bed, and after I broke her mug by throwing her bag around, we said good-bye and I high-fived her. On the way home, I cried again for the same reasons. Those moments I’ve had with her are gone.

I wasn’t really sad about her leaving because those college years are pretty great. They are a great time with half adult responsibilities, which is the best, and half real world problems, of which the less real world problems, the better. I wasn’t sad for her. I was sad for me.

It did remind me of when my parents dropped me of at St. Edward’s University a long time ago. I remember I was using that tape-to-ipod cassette thing and the last thing I was listening to before they dropped me off was Hot Hot Heat’s Public Service Announcement.  They left me there for orientation, because it was has an orientation/move-in date, the earliest you could move in, which is why I chose that date for orientation.

But yea, that was my yesterday. It was a six hour drive to drop off my sister and fix a bed.

She’ll be alright. I don’t know about me.

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Seeing Some Progress

One of the things I liked about all those years of school was the obvious progress I would make every year.

At end of every school year, or some times around Christmas/New Years, I would look back at last year and at least feel like I was going somewhere, like something was getting done. Even when I wasn’t sure where I was going, at least I was moving in some direction towards something.

I guess the job I have right now is kinda like that too. Every year I move up a little and I suppose can eventually top out at Partner, or leave as a manager/senior manager. But that would only take 5 to 10 years, what am I supposed to do after that? I know that sounds a little silly, but I’m going to be pretty disappointed if I don’t like at least another 30 years. That being the case, what do I do the other 2o years?

Wait, this isn’t the direction I wanted.

oh right, anyway, I was looking back on things today and feeling like I hadn’t made much progress in a while. The last time I really accomplished anything was those few weeks I learned how to drive standard. That was like last November/December.

I think that’s because the acquisition negated some of the progress I made last busy season. Everything I learned about the old system, our old audit approach, and our old audit procedures, isn’t useless, but it isn’t as helpful as I thought it was. Although I hoped that stuff was transferable, I don’t think much of it will.

Other than work stuff though, I think I’ve made some progress. I started learning Portuguese for the trip to Brasil and I’ve kept up with it after I returned. I’ve gotten better at Spanish too. I think I’ve gotten smarter, although I don’t have anyway to prove it. It’s just a hunch.

I guess it’s bothering me because I think if I’m not improving then I’m just standing still, or worse I’m deteriorating. That’s not the way I want to live life.

But, at least I feel like I’m a better good person. Doesn’t that count for something?

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The Buddy Move

I helped a buddy from work move today.

We started around 3pm and didn’t finish until 9pm. We had to make three trips and purchase a box spring set. The last part was only because we broke the box spring set in the first trip. It was kinda fun,

I didn’t like all the college flashbacks I was getting. All the empty rooms. The dorm like apartments. Piling up stuff on the truck. I didn’t like it. Not that college was bad or anything, but it’s that fancy neighborhood feeling stuff. But anyway, I could personally be staring at that empty room soon. That was a little jarring.

The other day a co-worker and I were talking about housing. I told her our home values are really low. She said we should want our house to appreciate in  value. I asked why and she said so that we can sell our house. I said, but then where will we live?

Another co-worker and I were talking about where we would like to buy a house. I said I would buy a house in my neighborhood because they are really cheap and there’s hardly any traffic driving to downtown. She said that she  was looking for the same thing and would like to buy a house in South Dallas because it was safer than my area. I told her that I thought my area was safer. We agreed it was because we hadn’t spent enough time in each others area.

These are good people. I don’t know if I would call them all my friends, but I do know them. I see enough about them to know they are of good character.

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