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Unexpected Delay

We’re supposed to be out at this Dallas client for two weeks.

For the first week, we have a staff from LA out to help with the work. Well the client had nothing for us on the first day, Monday. There was also nothing for us on Tuesday, or Wednesday. Our bosses ended up talking to the client and they said they wouldn’t have our first week stuff this week. So, we had to send the staff home on Thursday.

It sucked because we know there is a bunch of stuff that has to be done, but we have to sit on our hands since we don’t have what we need. I mean, it’s fun for a day or two, but we lost the entire week. We’re going to have to do a week’s worth of work later, like in the next month. It’s just more work later. Ugh.

We’re going to take a look behind the curtain now.

That part above was from about a month ago. I have spent the last month waiting for the support I needed from the client. Then looking over it. Then working on it while I’m supposed to be on other client’s work. It’s been a huge pain. Having that one staff to help out would have saved me a lot of time. Having that work earlier, would have saved me a lot of stress.


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House Tired

I’m tired.

It’s been a busy two weeks. There was the weekend when I moved into the house and showed my friend around LA. The work week that followed that weekend was tough. The client I was on for that week, which I’m still on, is by LAX. It’s only 20 miles away, but it takes at least an hour to get there in the morning if I leave before 7am.

My phone fucked me over last Thursday and said it was ringing, but it wasn’t making any noise. That day I left a bit before 7:20am and I didn’t get to the client’s office until 9:15am. It sucked.

So after a week of doing that, the weekend was busy too. I needed to change the locks on the house. I still needed to clean it. I needed to finally wash my car, inside and out. I needed to unpack. I needed to watch some TV. It was a long weekend.

I got most of it done, but I still have a big list of stuff to do. Like a haircut would be nice.

This week I’m down at LAX again. Back to complaining for a minute. Man, it takes a lot of time out of my day to get there and back. I can wake up early to avoid traffic. I end up at the client’s office early, like before 8am, but then it’s not like I can leave at 5pm. I guess I could, but if I did it would take me an hour and 30 minutes to get back home. If I wait until 7, it’ll take 50 minutes to get back home. I don’t know. It can get too stressful if I think about it.

Anyway, I get home and have a few hours to try to do stuff. I end up eating, watering the lawn, and watching some TV.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m looking forward to this Memorial Day weekend. It’ll be an extra day when I can nap and try to fix some stuff at the house. I can clean a bit and maybe read a book or finally get those last 4 badges.

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Four Floors Below

Something surprised me today. It was me.

There are parts of my job that are repetitive. Maybe repetitive is not the right word. Parts of my job are recurring. That is because most audits follow the same pattern. You plan them. You test the significant accounts. You fill out conclusion workpapers.

The planning has a few key parts. Those key parts vary slightly by client, but I have done them enough, in different ways, to not worry about them. Testing the significant accounts is the biggest part of the audit. Most areas are, this is the right time to say it, repetitive. The clients are different enough to make one or two of those testing areas different and exciting. The conclusion stuff is usually the boring stuff. That can change based on how the testing goes, but at that point of the audit you kinda just want it to be over.

Sometimes you get thrown some thing different. It’ll be something that completely changes planning, or the testing. You’ll have to do beginning balance testing, or a liquidation audit, or a quarterly review, or something. Or it’ll be something different enough to be exciting and to make me extremely nervous.

I’ll be nervous from the moment they tell me about the work until I actually start it.

Today I started one of those different types of clients, but surprisingly I wasn’t nervous. I hadn’t been nervous the days before today. I didn’t notice it until I was driving back home this afternoon. Also, I think I wasn’t nervous because it was on a bit of a short notice. They told me about this work on Thursday of last week. So I only had about 4 days to think about it and two of those days were weekend days.

Either way, I think this might be sign that I am growing, you know professionally.

It’s a strange feeling.

oh, and the different work we were doing was at another public accounting firm’s office. Their office was in the same building as ours but four floors down.

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The Leftover Work

I didn’t have to work this weekend.

If I had finished all of my work on yesterday, then I wouldn’t need to finish my work this weekend. But instead of finishing my work on Friday, I decided to have my fun first. I got through half of the remaining work today, but then I went off to do stuff. Then I got home and continued to avoid it.

Now I’m left with tomorrow to wrap it all up. I know I should do it first thing tomorrow. That way I can enjoy the rest of the day, but I think I have a pretty good idea of how the day will go. I’m fairly certain that I will wake up and watch the football games. I’ll have breakfast and try to do the work. I’ll get through half of it before I think that I should go for a jog. I’ll go for a jog early because I also want to go for a haircut tomorrow morning before lunch. I’ll jog, shower, and get a haircut.

Since I’ll be out, I’ll grab something for lunch. I’ll come home and start to feel a little drowsy so I’ll take a nap. I’ll wake up and then decide to finish up my work. It’ll take me to around 6pm or 7pm to finish it. Then I’ll grab dinner. I’ll probably then iron some clothes and watch TV. Then I’ll start to panic a bit because I haven’t written my blog or done my Spanish for the day.

Also, I’ll want to go to sleep early, but I won’t be able to because of the nap I took earlier.

What I should have done to avoid all of this was done my work on Friday. But alas, fun first.

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The Inbox

Nothing exciting happened to me today.

The emails I got today were the most exciting thing to happen to me. Sorry, the emails weren’t that exciting. It was the fact that I only like 4 emails today. They were, in order of excitement from least to most, the following:

      1. The last email of the day was a returned confirmation. It came back in good order, so all I had to do was pop it in the file and put a bit of documentation on it. It took like 15 minutes to address and it was over.
      2. The second email of the day was an HR system generated email that said my semi-annual performance review was open to complete. It also said I had until May 13th? to complete it. Completing that review will be a fun morning or afternoon. I’m going to give myself somewhere between a C+ and  an A+. Just kidding. That’s not the rating scale.
      3. The pen-ultimate email was to set-up a room reservation for Monday. I failed. I had to ask an administrative assistant for help. That seems like a B-, tops.
      4. The first email of the day wasn’t a good one. It was from one of my bossmans. He said that I had booked my time to the wrong code and to watch out for that in the future. This is a good guy, so I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean it in a “hey dumbass” kind of way. I know he’s just looking out. But, that’s not how my brain takes it. It takes it as, “What kind of idiot are you? Clocks also only have two hands and even they can keep time. Are you stupider than a clock?” Anyway, I wrote back to the bossman and said sorry and thanks.

Now that I typed them out, I realize they’re also in order of self-hatred, from least to most.

Yea, that was most of my day.

Another exciting moment was when, as I was leaving, my co-worker told me there were extra bunt cupcakes from yesterday in the refrigerator. I went to the kitchen. The refrigerator was empty and the cupcake box was in the trash. I was disappointed. All that excitement and disappointment happened in a span of 2 minutes.

Tomorrow should be more exciting. Because . . . Friday?

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Wednesday What Day

This feels like a massive waste of a title.

Nothing much has happened the last couple of days. No traumatizing dreams. No real spare thoughts.

I put in some solid hours yesterday. It’s so hard to tell if I’m working too slow, or if everything is messier than I think it is, or if I have too much work. Who knows. If this keeps up for the next couple of weeks, then I think I should say something to someone.

Yea, nothing much has happened.

I’ve been working out pretty consistently, so that’s cool. I started using this FitBit thing and an app that tracks your calories. I think I’m eating way better. I’m definitely consuming fewer calories and it’s making me feel better. I don’t feel as bloated, so that’s cool too. I need to start doing some yoga. I think I would like to be more flexible.

Hey, I’ll have a house in a week. I’ll also be moving our of the apartment in a week. This apartment ended up being a short part of my life. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t feel like much of change. Blah, I don’t really want to talk about the house. I’ll save that for a weekend.

I haven’t been sleeping enough. I think I’ll try to get a jump start on that tonight.

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Rounding Out the Week

So the Wednesday wasn’t all that productive for me.

I spent most of the day doing admin stuff (my evaluation, associate evaluations, booking flights, etc). I didn’t get much of the work I needed to get done, done. Then this afternoon, the boss man followed-up on that stuff. I had to shift gears and do that stuff.

There’s one thing I didn’t have time to do and I think I’ll wake up early tomorrow to get it done. I could have done it tonight, but I chose to jog, eat, shower, pack, and watch The Flash. Besides, I think I have enough self-control to wake up early tomorrow.

The entire week would tell me that I can’t wake up early, but I’m done to try it.

Tomorrow will be front loaded. There’s a ton of work to do in the morning. I’ll stop working around 2pm and head to the airport. I’m going back to Dallas tomorrow afternoon and I should be there tomorrow night.

I’m looking forward to seeing my family and eating all that food that I miss.

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